The Woman

she has one of those walks that make her known to all.
Independent in the nature of her own self perseverance,
yet when she speaks,
she gives off the calm reassurance that everything in the world is right.
The thought of her takes me to a place where I wish I could always be,
and when I see her, I don’t want to close my eyes.
Even if everyone believed I was wrong to adorn her,
I would remain indifferent in my intellection of her absolute beauty.
There are things that could be said about her and many pages that could be written,
these things are inevitable, but I am unable
because pages are merely looked at, and she deserves so much more.
And her beauty is too much; there aren’t enough words true enough, she’s ineffable.
Eyes so profound that they could drive any man crazy,
her beauty transcends anything I could ever think of,
but to know her only by this factor would disgrace the real beauty she contains.
I will never be able to understand her;
she frightens and excites me all at once.
She is the alluring mystery,
a beautiful puzzle that I hope I never get to solve.
An unattainable person that deserves to be constantly chased,
and a beauty that goes far beyond a smile.
I hope that she will remain complex while simple people tremble at her very essence,
and that she is overcome by the love people stopped believing in ages ago.
She will never be perfect in my eyes
because I love each and every one of her flaws far too much.
She has utterly ruined me for other beautiful things in the most enlightened way,
and I will remain thankful everywhere, everyday.



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